9/8/18 Pac Out GREEN TEAM vs. Riverside Park Trail

9/8/18 Pac Out GREEN TEAM vs. Riverside Park Trail

This Pac Out Green Team clean up will focus on cleaning up the areas in and around Riverside Park along the Russian River. Many of us have been to either Rusty Bowl or the Youth Baseball fields but you may not have known that there was a hiking trail behind them along the Russian River. It’s a great place to take the dogs for a walk or enjoy the river. 

We will meet in the parking lot, located just off Gobbi, at 8:45 am. to sign in, then start the cleanup at 9 am. We meet for a group photo and raffle at 9:50 am, then finish up at 10 am. 

Directions: (from Pacific Outfitters Ukiah) Rusty Bowl BMX Trail

We look forward to seeing everyone there, tell your friends, share the link and show some love! If you missed our last clean up no worries, there will be many more. All clean ups for Mendocino chapter are every other week.

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Sep 08 2018


09:00 AM - 10:00 AM