02/20/21 – LACO Associates donates $1,500 to PacOut Green Team

We can't do this without the support from our local sponsors, cleanup collaborators, and volunteers! Please SUPPORT the businesses/organizations/people that support keeping our beautiful outdoor spaces garbage and litter free!

LACO Associates - PacOut GreenTeam

LACO Associates has been sponsoring PacOut Green Team for several years. They are a HUGE part of what we do. Thanks to there sponsorship, we’re able to have all the gear needed for our regular 60 minute cleanups. LACO Associates, thank you for your generous donation this year and for your willingness to keep believing in what we do and allowing us to keep Humboldt Garbage and Litter free!

Not only has LACO Associates been sponsoring PacOut Green Team for several years, but they are also PacOut Green Team cleanup volunteers!

Want to know more about LACO Associates? Visit LACOAssociates.us

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