10/10/20 – Post Cleanup Report – Samoa Bridges – Adopt-A-Highway

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Cleanup Details:

This was a very important cleanup because it was our first real rain since Spring. That meant all the litter was heading towards the bay until we nabbed it during out 60 minute cleanup. So, THANK YOU, to the volunteers that showed up and saved all that litter from hitting Humboldt Bay and going out to the ocean. 

  • Volunteers: 9
  • Weight: 250 pounds approximately, dozens of single use plastic coffee cups, found $50 (one $100 bill torn in half, it was “prop money” upon further review), 1 air conditioner cover, 1 Abu Garcia fishing rod in perfect condition (saving that for a prize for one of our volunteers), dozens or single use masks and gloves, 1 dead egret that was entangled in barb wire (we untangled it and buried it), and more!
  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Sponsor: California Trailers

Big THANK YOU to this weeks sponsor!

California Trailers

California Trailers - PacOut Green Team

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60 Minute Cleanup Photo Album: