5/26/18 Post Cleanup Report Vance Ave. with Vampire Penguin Eureka

PacOut Green Team was back out at Vance Ave. for another cleanup with Vampire Penguin Eureka and 14 awesome volunteers! We spent a little under an hour focusing on Vance Ave. roadsides, a small section of Hwy 255/Samoa Blvd roadsides, along with the parking area and railroad tracks that run along the bay. We were very pleasantly surprised at the small amount of trash we recovered, only 140 lb. This is an area known for having large amounts of anything from furniture, appliances, tires, etc., and it’s not uncommon to see total weights over a thousand lb. on occasion. The best surprise of all was that we recovered ZERO syringes from the area this time around! The largest objects found were a tire and a piece of wooden crate, with a few bags of common roadside trash. Thanks to all who came out to join in the fun and thanks for the continued support from Vampire Penguin Eureka!