PacOut Green Team is a group of avid outdoors people in Humboldt County, CA. PacOut Green Team was founded by Tim Haywood (a.k.a. SUP Man) and Aaron Ostrom of Pacific Outfitters. PacOut Green Team is dedicated to keeping the places where we play free of litter and debris.

We get together every Saturday (at different locations around the county) to remove as much litter as possible. Typically our weekly cleanups are 60 minutes long. We understand that people have busy lives and that time is limited for most people. That’s why Pacific Outfitters gives away prizes each week to our volunteers. Everyone is encouraged to join us! Check out our schedule or our page on Facebook to find out how you can join the Green Team!

Whatever your outdoor interest is, we hope you will join us in giving back to this incredible place we call home!

Looking to help out?