General Questions

What is provided for the volunteers at a cleanup?

Everything! We have vests, gloves, pickers, buckets, trash bags, etc. All you have to do is show up.

How do I log my time at the cleanup so I can qualify for my very own cleanup vest and patches?

When you show up to the cleanup, you will scan the QR code on the side of our trailer and submit your information.

If you have a smartphone, turn your camera on & point it at the QR code. A link should pop up, click on that link and submit your info. If you need help with this, talk to a cleanup leader and we will help you. If you don’t have a smartphone, a cleanup leader can enter your info on one of their phones.

What time should we show up to a cleanup?

Check in is between 8:45am and 9:00am. If you are late, you can still show up and help out.

When does the cleanup end?

Our 60 minute cleanups end at 9:45am and our 90 minute cleanups end at 10:15am. We will also blast our air horn at the end of a cleanup. When the cleanup has ended, we host a raffle for our volunteers and take a group photo, which normally takes an additional 15 minutes.

Can kids and/or dogs show up to a cleanup?

Generally yes! Each cleanup will say if it is family and/or dog friendly, which is almost all of them.

Can I log community service hours for my school, church, or other organization?

Yes! Let a cleanup leader know and we will sign your form.

What is the policy if we come across an active homeless camp?

If there is any sign of the camp being active (tent, sleeping bag, personal possessions), we leave it alone. We do NOT want to discard anyone’s home, bed, or personal possessions. If you are unsure if the camp is active, contact a cleanup leader and they will tell you f it’s active or not.

What do we do if we see a syringe?

You are NOT required to pick it up. If you don’t pick it up, please tell a cleanup leader where you saw it. If you have gloves and a syringe container and you feel comfortable picking it up, then you can pick it up. If you don’t have a syringe container, a soda bottle or glass bottle will work.