1/21/2023 Samoa Bridges Boat Launch in Eureka & Volunteer Awards

Pacout Green Team / 1/21/2023 Samoa Bridges Boat Launch in Eureka & Volunteer Awards

1/21/2023 Samoa Bridges Boat Launch in Eureka & Volunteer Awards


Cleanup Details

Hey friends, we will meet at the Samoa Bridges Boat Launch in Eureka, under the first bridge. We will meet at the parking lot between 8:45am and 9:00am for check-in. From there we will focus on the Waterfront drive and Waterfront Tail and pick up garbage.  

Our goal is to prevent any garbage from entering the bay. If it enters the bay, it will be swept out into the ocean. 

After the cleanup we will be awarding out volunteers with Vests and Patches. If you didn’t know we award are amazing volunteers when they hit specific “milestones” with PacOut Green Team. If you make it to 10 cleanups you get your very own PacOut Green Team vest with your first “10 Cleanup” patch. We also have patches for 25, 50, 75, 100, and “Lifetime Steward”. To see where you and others rack visit “Our Volunteers” section on our website. 

This Saturday we will be awarding the following volunteers:

  • PacOut Green Team Vest & 10 Cleanup Patch: Sofia Frahm & Edeen Birkholz
  • 25 Cleanup Patch: Theo Allen, Ericka Apple, Rick Kuhnel, Shelly Lusk, Alex Morse, & Rob Morse
  • 50 Cleanup Patch: Ted Stewart & Marisa Sears
  • 75 Cleanup Patch: Alissa Morey, Mary Romaidis, & Jeremiah Swenson
  • 100 Cleanup Patch & THE GOLDEN PICKER AWARD: Dan Pambianco

We look forward to seeing everyone there! Tell your friends, share the link and show some love!  

Remember, hashtag #pacoutgreenteam or #pogt when sharing your cleanup photos and we will use them in our official Post Cleanup Report. 


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Location: Woodley Island-Samoa Bridges
Date: January 21, 2023
Duration: 1 Day