4/15/23 – Glendale Drive – Blue Lake, CA

Pacout Green Team / 4/15/23 – Glendale Drive – Blue Lake, CA

4/15/23 – Glendale Drive – Blue Lake, CA


Cleanup Details

Hey friends, we will meet next to Murphy’s Market in Blue Lake in the Louie’s bar parking lot. 

Our goal is to pick up all the trash along Glendale Drive. We may even send a remote crew to North Bank Road and cleanup along the pullouts.

There are kid friendly (ages 8+) locations at this cleanup, but we don’t recommend brining you dog, due to the proximity to the road. 

We look forward to seeing everyone there! Tell your friends, share the link and show some love!  

Remember, hashtag #pacoutgreenteam or #pogt when sharing your cleanup photos and we will use them in our official Post Cleanup Report. 


Date: April 15, 2023
Duration: 1 Day