9/30/17 MENDOCINO Special Event Lake Mendocino Drive & Picnic w/Johnny Keyes

Pacout Green Team / 9/30/17 MENDOCINO Special Event Lake Mendocino Drive & Picnic w/Johnny Keyes

9/30/17 MENDOCINO Special Event Lake Mendocino Drive & Picnic w/Johnny Keyes


This Special Event will be a 90 minute clean up tackled in teams and sections of road to cover the whole length of Lake Mendocino Drive and will finish with a hosted picnic at the overlook put on by none other than Johnny Keyes!

For those of you who may not know who Johnny Keyes is, here’s a bit of his back story. Johnny and his wife Gloria moved away from the big city life to retire in a small community that they know and love. Since they’ve been here the Keyes have become sort of the poster children for what individuals could do for their community, citizen pro-activism. When we started Green Team they approached us because like us they love this beautiful county and like us want to help keep it looking its best. The #1 thing we needed was pickers, needless to say we have enough to handle any situation! We just need like-minded volunteers for our super cleanup events lined up.

This special event will be to celebrate everyone that participates, and has participated in our clean up events in the past. It is our volunteers that make this all possible and it is our volunteers that are the heroes of our community. We feel inspired and energized after every clean up and want to encourage more people to take part in this and to be a part of the solution! We want to encourage people to change their mindset and take more notice of our beautiful county. Don’t walk by trash, pick it up!

We will start by meeting at the Lake Mendocino Overlook at the south end of the lake where you will be devided into groups and assigned sections of the road. Everyone will receive a couple of trash bags (No buckets this time) and pickers. As you fill the bags just tie them off and leave them on the side of the road and we will gather them with the truck. After the clean up head back to the overlook where we will kick off a hosted picnic and live music put on by the Keyes themselves! We will also be giving away prizes and have lots more in store. Don’t miss this special 90 minute Pac Out Green Team event!

Directions: (from Pacific Outfitters Ukiah) Lake Mendocino Overlook

Here are some stats, the distance is 2.1 miles and the route is broken out into 7 sections for 7 teams to hit. A map with the highlighted areas is below and we’ll be handing these out at the event.

To view all our scheduled cleanups, CLICK HERE

If you would like to sponsor a cleanup, CLICK HERE

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