01/30/21 ARCATA – Samoa Blvd – Arcata Marsh & Annual Award Recognitions

Pacout Green Team / 01/30/21 ARCATA – Samoa Blvd – Arcata Marsh & Annual Award Recognitions

01/30/21 ARCATA – Samoa Blvd – Arcata Marsh & Annual Award Recognitions

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Edward Jones McKinleyville

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We will meet at the parking lot just WEST of the Train Tracks on Samoa Blvd, also next to paved trail that goes from Samoa Blvd to Arcata Marsh. Click here to see where to park. We will focus on the garbage in the tree line on the EAST side of East Pond.  There is lots of garbage and litter out there. We will pack the garbage to the trail then the City of Arcata work truck will transport it to the dumpster, which will be located where we park. This is a dog friendly cleanup! 

We will meet in the parking lot at 8

Annual Volunteer Awards will begin at 10:00am. We will be awarding our amazing volunteers that hit 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 cleanup milestones. Below are the volunteers that have earned cleanup milestones for 2020:

10 Cleanups:

  • Theo Allen
  • Jordan Meyers
  • Joyce Graham
  • Jessica Heiden
  • Patrick Lynch
  • Leslie Ostrom
  • Dan Pambianco
  • Terry Pambianco
  • Tery Poleski
  • Mary Romaidis
  • Jeremiah Swenson
  • Brian Swizlow

25 Cleanups:

  • Debbie Funada
  • RJ Jackson
  • Dan Pambianco
  • Jeremiah Swenson

50 Cleanups:

  • Chris Galleron
  • Jessie Hobba

75 Cleanups:

  • Jacey Spies

100+ Cleanups: Golden Picker Award!

  • Miya Frahm

We look forward to seeing everyone there! Tell your friends, share the link and show some love!  


  • We will have sanitizer on site for all our volunteers.
  • You must have a mask to participate in our cleanups. Wearing a mask is required at the beginning and end of our cleanups. Masks are optional during the cleanup as long as you can socially distance with other people.
  • We encourage all cleanup volunteers to bring their own gloves, pickers and buckets. However, we will provide gloves, pickers, and buckets for volunteers that need them.
  • We will be washing ALL gloves and vests after each cleanup and SANITIZING all pickers, buckets, pens, tables, etc. after each cleanup.
  • If any volunteers have had COVID-19 symptoms we ask they they do not participate in any PacOut Green Team cleanups for 14 days.

Park Here:

Cleanup Location:

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