10/28/17 HUMBOLDT Elk River Rd

Pacout Green Team / 10/28/17 HUMBOLDT Elk River Rd

10/28/17 HUMBOLDT Elk River Rd


Sponsor needed for this event. This will be our first event out at Elk River Rd, just south of Eureka, which crosses Elk River and Martin Slough. We will focus on the roadsides along Elk River Rd and also Herrick Ave, where the 2 intersect.

We will meet at the gravel parking area at the intersection of Herrick Ave. and Elk River Rd at 8:45 am to sign in, start the cleanup at 9 am, meet for our group photo and raffle at 9:50, and finish up at 10 am.

Directions: From Eureka (Hwy 101 Southbound)

Directions: From Fortuna (Hwy 101Northbound)

We look forward to seeing everyone there, tell your friends, share the link and show some love! If you missed our last clean up no worries, there will be many more. All regular clean ups for the Humboldt chapter are every Saturday from 9am to 10am. 

To view all our scheduled cleanups, CLICK HERE

If you would like to sponsor a cleanup, CLICK HERE

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