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5/20 Post Cleanup Report Power Poles/Fortuna Trash Bash


Another great event with Lost Coast Rotaract-Eureka and PacOut Green Team on 5/20/17! We had a great turn out of around awesome volunteers that showed up to do their part in keeping the Power Poles area free of litter. We found a lot of stuff over on Vance Ave., one of he hot spots for illegal dumping on the peninsula, including a washing machine, 18 tires, pallets, and a lot of debris from a burned motor home that was abandoned a few weeks back in the parking lot on Vance Ave. Big thanks to all who came out to help and to Lost Coast Rotoract-Eureka for their continued support with sponsoring this event every other month for the past 2 and a half years! 

After the regular cleanup we went down to Fortuna to help out with the first ever Fortuna Trash Bash, a 90 minute town wide cleanup! Big thanks to Fortuna Business Improvement District (FBID) and Fortuna Street Clean Team for stepping up and helping out!