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7/8 Post Cleanup Report North Boat Ramp Lake Mendocino

PacOut Green Team vs Lake Mendonico

What an amazing turnout! I am so blown away by our community, for our very first clean up ever in Mendocino we had at least 46 people show up to help out. Among those were our very own First and Second District Supervisors also taking pride in our community. Mendo Mill was the first to donate to our cause with 30 buckets for gathering trash, Tractor Supply also donated some buckets and pickers, and Savings Bank of Mendocino really came through with a $250 sponsorship that allowed us to get another 23 pickers which we really needed!

It took a lot of hard work to get this event kicked off but in the end it was the 46 people that made it all worth it. It takes a community to make something like this work and we have a great one for sure. In just one short hour we filled 17 large contractor bags, some dumpsters and believe it or not we cleared out over 850 lbs. of trash!

It was shocking to many of us to see that people would come use our beautiful recreation areas at the lake and just leave everything behind, with no attempt of cleaning up after themselves. It would sure be great if we continue to have such a turnout at these clean ups and begin to create some community awareness and hopefully change some behaviors. I look forward to seeing everyone at our next clean up!