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7/15 Post Cleanup Report Samoa Beach Power Poles

Another great event at one of our signature locations. Power Poles is one of the most frequented recreational areas around the Eureka/Arcata area of Humboldt and as a result it often needs a little TLC from POGT and Lost Coast Rotaract Eureka, the sponsors of this week’s event. The Lost Coast Rotaract Eureka members are one of our longest running sponsors, committing to an every other month clean sweep of the Power Poles area for the last 3 years! We hit this area, as well as other areas along the Samoa Peninsula, at least every other month, and whenever we’re in the area we also tackle some of the nearby known and often used illegal dump sites. One of those “hot spots” is Vance Ave., which we check every time we get close to it. We had a good turn out despite the fact that a lot of our regular volunteers are out of the area as well as a lot of our sponsors. This is pretty common during the summer months but we keep on keeping on no matter how many participants we end up with. We always find the usual roadside litter, as well as a few surprises. Common items include lots of single use plastic bags, cigarette butts, food/candy/snack wrappers, tobacco packaging, and all of the common recyclables. Also, the top image is of our appreciation award from Arcata Mainstreet for our participation in Oysterfest 2017. 

Thanks to everyone who came out to help and big props to Lost Coast Rotaract for sponsoring the event and for their long term commitment to our community and to PacOut Green Team!