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8/19/17 Post Cleanup Report Mad River Beach & MCW’s 90 Minute Trash Bash – 3,100 lbs!

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This week we had two cleanups! Our regular 60 minute cleanup was at Mad River Beach at 9am. Long story short, we could have spend the entire day there removing nails from the beach. We counted over 60 fire pits all within 100 yards of each other. We’ve nicknamed this beach bonfire beach, due to all the fire pits. There is only one way in and one way out. This beach should be managed better. Maybe a gate that locks in the evening is in order. Something needs to happen, because despite all the “No Burning Pallets” signs, people are still burning pallets left and right at the beach.

FYI – There are on average 80-120 nails in one pallet. Think about how many nails are left behind from 60 bonfires. You are talking thousands of nails that litter the beach. Bonfires can easily be covered up with the sand blowing along the beach. That mean thousands of rusty, sharp nails are either in sight or just out of site waiting for someone’s bare foot or animals foot to get punctured.

We just finished making 5 “magnets on a rope”, so we plan to attack this beach again with the primary focus of removing as many nails as we can in 60 minutes. We were a little under prepared for this on this cleanup, but we will be better prepared, next time we are there.

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Every other month we host McKinleyville Community Watch’s 90 Minute Trash Bash. MCW is a Facebook Group that consists of over 1500 McKinleyville community members that are taking ownership within their community. MCW and PacOut Green Team has been working together to keep McKinleyville beautiful for over 2 years now. Each cleanup cosists of POGT and 30-60 MCW members.

Ryan Sundberg (Humboldt County 5th District Supervisor) and the County of Humboldt help provide the dumpsters, through Public Works or Measure Z funding, for each cleanup. We  couldn’t do this without their support! Thank you Scott Binder for making all the necessary arrangements to make the cleanup happen too!

We found lots of stolen mail, prescription bottles, grow trash, and needles.

Between both cleanups, we removed just under 3,100 lbs of trash & recycling!

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