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9/9/17 POST CLEANUP REPORT Russian River behind Rusty Bowl BMX at the foot of Gobbi St

Another great cleanup! “Core 8” was there along with many new faces and many returning Green Teamers, for a total of 25 people! Thanks again to Mendo Mill and Lumber Co for sponsoring this wonderful event! Though it started out VERY difficult to find any trash whatsoever we were determined. We stretched further than we had expected, determined to find something good. A solid 20 minutes into the cleanup the combined trash was about a buckets worth. Ykes, this is one beautiful county and stretch of river!

Low and behold David and I stumbled across a comforter that was on the beach, it must have been there for a year or more. We grabbed a corner to pull it up and it said “No thanks”. To give you an idea of what we were dealing with the comforter had its own root system, large plants were growing out of it and through it. Determined not to leave it there we began ripping it into manageable shreads until the whole thing was gone.

As usual we found underwear and tires, the Ross family found the largest item of the day! A big ol’ rusty drum! Thinking smart not hard they just rolled it the quarter of a mile to get it out of there. Way to go! Total amount of trash ended up being just over 360 lbs. but pair that with the additional 300 lbs. found on Thursday this weeks total was 660 lbs! That’s awesome!

Unfortunately I do have to report that this was our FIRST clean up where we did find a dirty needle. Yuk! It was properly handled and disposed of in our sharps container donated by Myers Medical Pharmacy Thank you for keeping us SAFE!