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9/18/17 Post Cleanup Report Coastal Cleanup Day Samoa Bridges

Our Adopt a Highway/Coastal Cleanup Day event, sponsored by Lost Coast Rotaract-Eureka, was a huge success, with around 25 volunteers showing up to help out with the task at hand! We recovered over 1000 lb. of trash, a lot of which came from the roadsides/landings at Woodley and Indian Islands! This was our first “official” Adopt a Mile event. We will make a continued effort to intercept litter from this heavily used road, Highway 255 and Samoa Bridges, which span Humboldt Bay, in order to keep it from getting into the bay and eventually the ocean. We were excited to be teaming up with millions of other people across the country and world who participated in the Coastal Cleanup Day event, hosted by Northcoast Environmental Center (NEC)

Thanks to all who came out to help with this event and big ups to Lost Coast Rotaract-Eureka for sponsoring and NEC for organizing Coastal Cleanup Day!