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9/23/17 POST CLEANUP REPORT Oak Grove Lake Mendocino

Another BEAUTIFUL day at the lake! What a fun time we had, lots of new faces eager to lend a hand thanks to the Ukiah Daily Journal and the last article that came out. It is really helping to create awareness on this issue we all face when enjoying our time outdoors. I am very pleased to say that, again, it looks as if a lot more people are changing their mindsets and actually starting to pick up after themselves to leave these spaces nice for the next crowd. That being said 19 of us showed up and we still managed to round up 220 pounds of trash.


There is a group of us known as the “Core 8” who have attended every single cleanup. However this week, some couldn’t make it as they are season ticket holders for Cal Football, but they still came out on Thursday, gathered trash and brought us their trash to add to this weeks pile so they could still get credit for the week. I love that!

I couldn’t imagine a better way to kick start the weekend! Look at how beautiful it is out here!

What you’re looking at here is one of MANY piles of broken bottles being cleaned up. Would hate to find that while walking barefoot! Every little shard getting cleaned up! Looks great now!

This is cool! I spoke at several of the classes at Ukiah High School and now some of the students are even coming out to attend! Thanks for the help Ryan! And thanks to the wonderful teachers who are offering extra credit for attending! That’s so awesome!

This was crazy! I haven’t seen pull tabs like this in 30 years! We found tons of them. Where are they coming from? Those drinks MUST have been expired!


Bonnie and the kiddos (Also a part of the “Core 8”) doin their thing!

Found the usual, underwear, shoes etc. but no tires this time! Used feminine hygiene and dirty diapers are extra gross though! YUCK!

ONLY IN MENDO! I think it was a part of a vase?