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10/1/17 Post Cleanup Report Coopers Gulch w/PETRUSHA LAW

We were back out at Cooper Gulch on Saturday to get the area tuned up! Big ups to PETRUSHA LAW for sponsoring the event, and to all of the awesome volunteers, around 15 people, who came out to help! We recovered a lot of trash from the area, an estimated 300 lb., a lot of which came from abandoned illegal camps located along the trails around Cooper Gulch Park. We found a lot of the usual trash associated with abandoned camps, like food wrappers, wet clothing scattered around, recycling, etc., but the main concern was the amount of used syringes. At one camp alone over 400 needles were recovered, many of which were w/o caps. We filled every sharps container we had and still had enough left to fill a 5 gal. bucket about half way full. The camp most of the needles was located just a few feet from where kids were skating. 

Thanks again to PETRUSHA LAW and everyone who came out to help!