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9/30/17 POST CLEANUP Report Lake Mendocino Drive & After Party

Another AMAZING day at the lake! This was our big event to tackle all of Lake Mendocino Drive in just 90 minutes and boy did we do it! We had just about 50 people show up and it excites us to see 20 new people show up and excites us even more to have another 30 people show up that had already done this before! Reports are coming back that after attending 2 cleanups some of our Pac Out Green Teamers are finding themselves take notice to trash more than they ever have before and are now feeling compelled to pick it up! Total trash today was 1,130 pounds! Officially our biggest haul yet!

Here’s a fun video that the Lions Club put together for us!

No one is too small to help! This Brother and sister team have been to EVERY cleanup. Thanks Alice and Skyler!

Local Redwood Empire Lions club made it out to lend a hand! Thank you Lions!

What a great way to bond as a family and teach the next generation some great responsibility!

Jose is a former employee at Pacific Outfitters, an avid outdoors-man and a great friend.

More Lions hard at it!

A quick photo op with the ever elusive Johnny and Gloria Keyes who are always looking to personally find ways to improve our community. They sponsored this event and many others, they are one inspirational couple we’re glad to know!

Former sponsor Jeff Ward from Mendo Mill and wife Lori have done so much to help kick this chapter off the ground! Thank you so much!

On the hunt

Matt Leach from Sharing Society going for that hard to get trash!

This is Marlin from the Ukiah Lions Club that came out a few days before to sand and paint all of the picnic tables at the overlook, even rebuilt one that was falling apart. Thanks!!!

This all star attended her first cleanup on her birthday and has been hooked ever sense!

Pac Out Green Team Pride! I love the face paint!

Ukiah Rod and Gun Club helping to clean up an illegal dump that we discovered down the side of a hill.

All Star Crew! The Green Team Nation

The delicious lunch hosted by Johnny and Gloria Keyes! Thanks for everything!

Two of the “Core 8”

Way to get that mattress guys!

Core 8 hard at it!

Yes that is a windshield! Found thrown over the steep slope at the overlook. It was tough to get but we couldn’t let it stay there.