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10/7/17 POST CLEANUP REPORT Talmage Russian River Overpass

Well this was our smallest group so fat but that sure didn’t hold us back! The 12 of us were ALL veterans at this, we’ve finely tuned our skills for maximum impact and just had at it.  Not a lot of weight but we sure had a ton of volume 380 lbs but due to the amount of contamination we were unable to safely separate recycling out of that. As always we found a tire and some underwear! Other things we discovered was the entire creek bed that feeds into the Russian River was full of fecal mater, that had it not been cleaned up, would have polluted our waterways. It is clear to us that the “Camping” situation out here is an ongoing thing that can not be stopped, that being said, it would be really great if we could somehow have a port-a-potty brought out there. This would not be supporting illegal behavior as much as it would be saving and protecting our waterways.

Liz here for her 3rd cleanup! And clearly having a blast doing it!

GROSS! Two used needles!

Bonnie gettin it done! I love that she is cleaning a pile of trash that includes a cardboard sign that reads “Clean up your TRASH”

Did anyone notice Dave in the last two pictures? That’s where the “Gold Mine” was that would have all washed into the river in the coming months.

Being safe and helping out. That’s what it’s all about. Thanks Alice and Skyler! AKA Monkey and Bug!

This really is a beautiful spot!

Mo and Andie hard at it and teaching some great values!

Jennifer is working that creek bed mentioned earlier. This was a big part in keeping future waterways clean.

Dave is LOVING his new hobby!

Two more, one of which was unused.

C’mon if these two can do it you know you can! Show some love and join us at our next cleanup!