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10/14/17 Post Cleanup Report Mad River Beach Park

We were back out at Mad River Beach Park on Saturday, 10/14, with 8 volunteers in attendance. The event was sponsored by Pacific Outfitters Arcata. We found a lot of trash around the parking area and the usual fire pits with plenty of litter and leftover nails from fire pits where pallets were used for firewood. We have it on good authority that both Mad River Beach Park and Mad River Boat Launch will soon be restricted to day use only, with gates installed to keep out late night partiers who often leave huge messes behind. There have also been reports of fences being hit by vehicles coming and going to the parties, one of which recently resulted in one of the farmers having his cattle escape and losing 3 calves. There was another report of a Humboldt County Parks employee who approached some of the partiers, letting them know they would have to leave, who had bottles thrown at him by some in attendance. Hopefully installing some gates and increasing law enforcement presence will have some good results in helping to keep these areas safe, accessible and cleaner for all. 

Thanks to everyone who participated and a big shout out to Pacific Outfitters for sponsoring!