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10/21/17 POST CLEANUP Report Lake Mendo South Boat Ramp

We sure had a great time before Pumpkin Fest! 15 people came out, 11 of which have been to nearly all the cleanups so far! In 60 short minutes we managed to pull together 285 lbs. of trash! One key thing to point out is that when you are fishing it is very important to take with you any cut line for hooks, these are a huge threat to our natural environment and boy did we clean up a ton. If you fish or your friends and family fish, lets help spread the word to be more mindful of what it is that you are leaving behind.

Skyler carefully keeping up with mommy!

Justin returning with his first load and sorting out recyclables. Little known fact, Justin missed the first three cleanups but has not missed one since he started. He’s up to 6 so far and we look forward to seeing him at many more. Justin is also masterful with his plate finding skills, not paper plates, good kitchen plates!


I swear you can’t make this stuff up! Yes we found this…

Working the shoreline, this was where we also found tons of lids to live bait containers. Don’t forget to Pac Out your lids too!

Here with have Andrea Reed with her kiddos doing their share. It’s great to see elected officials or soon to be elected officials taking part in their community.

Here we have Jennifer working this cove gathering endless amounts of fishing line and hooks.

Of course we found a tire, in fact this one looks pretty darn good too! The other tire not so much!

Nice haul with a great team!

On the way to the dumps, this little dude was wiped out. Parents, this is another great reason to get your kiddos out there! They will sleep so good!