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10/28/17 Post Cleanup Report Elk River Rd

Our first cleanup of Elk River Rd. was Saturday, 10/28/17. The area definitely need some TLC from PacOut Green Team! We recovered lots of roadside litter and and also picked up a full pick up truck load from an illegal dumpsite, for an estimated 500 lbs total weight. 

Before arriving at the Elk River Rd site, we hit up another area at the foot of Vance Ave., where someone had dumped a large cache of 9 tires. After the regular cleanup, we also helped out with another illegal dumpsite at the south end of Scenic Drive in Trinidad, which, combined with the Vance Ave. trash, totaled to 800 lb., giving us around 1300 lb total on the day. We really knocked a dent in the trash today! Unfortunately there’s quite a mess still left at Vance Ave. Not to worry though, we’ll get to it soon! 

Pictures from Vance Ave: 

Pics from Scenic Drive: Big thanks to Steen and Tami Trump of  Trinidad Coastal Land Trust for giving us a heads up on this mess and for helping out with the cleanup! 

Thanks to all who came out to lend a hand!