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11/4/17 POST CLEANUP REPORT Lake Mendocino Pomo A

Blessed with SUN!!! What was supposed to be our first rainy day cleanup ended up being another beautiful day at the lake. Take a look at some of these panorama’s. We had a great turnout with a teacher and 10 students from Developing Virtue Girls School joining us in making a difference in our community. Although the lake was looking beautiful to begin with, we still managed to pull together 215 pounds of trash, which includes the tire and underwear we always find, in fact this time we found a whole load of laundry!

Anyone up for a game?

There’s always a tire. According to Green Living Tips, “In the USA, about 300 million tires are scrapped or dumped per year.” Wherever you live on this Earth, you’ll see tire pollution. Scrap tires are everywhere; on the side of the road, in ponds and lakes, in the woods, and even in our oceans. Tire pollution not only looks unappealing but destroys the environment and puts our health at risk.

A warrior hard at work, this was just how she started her day, she was also volunteering at Mendo Strong that night!