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11/18/17 POST CLEANUP REPORT Lake Mendocino Drive Russian River

Another beautiful and sunny day down by the river. We were graced with 15 of the hardest working, fast moving garbage picking volunteers ever. We had 3 new commers, and 12 regulars bringing in a total of 410 pounds of trash off the river bar!

Working hard to find some garbage. You would not believe how hard it was to find trash down here! It’s as if someone has already come clean it up!

Found this which turned out to be an entrance gate.

Here’s the camp, one of a few that we came across that was occupied by again some very civic minded clean and very helpful homeless folks. They were in fact the reason it was so clean down there as they clean up after themselves and others daily.

Okay so Justin may not have found a plate this time but he did find a cool cup and a bowl! I think he’s trying to round out his set.

As hard as it was we still managed to gather a pretty nice haul.

Now when I saw this I have to admit, I thought it was a CPR dummy. Bonnie was quick to remind me that CPR dummy’s are NOT inflatable! Now I’m wondering who was “Riding” this inflatable down the river? We all had our fun, especially the guys at the dumps when I took the load down there but just know that our events are family friendly and no littles saw this. We kept it hidden so they wouldn’t ask any questions.