Pacout Green Team / Post Cleanup Reports  / 12/2/17 POST CLEANUP REPORT Pomo C


This lake just keeps getting better and better! Which in turn is making it harder and harder for us to find trash, that’s a good problem to have. Today started out with Pomo C being locked up, no biggie, we parked at Pomo A and hiked down to C. When we got there we quickly realized that it was so clean we were going to really need to work to find any amount of trash.

We decided to branch out in other areas, roads, creeks and the Disc Golf Course. The Disc Golf Course proved to be our jackpot of the day. Though it was clean for the most part, we dove into the gullies, ravines and tops of hills to find what ever we could. As usual we did find underwear, tires, shoes and tons of beer bottles.

All in all we had 12 Die Hard Green Teamers show up and one new person, it was a lot of hard work but we managed to pull together a total of 265 Lbs. of trash!

While cleaning up on Saturday the Park Rangers came over to thank us for all of our hard work and efforts in saving the lake. We also had a bunch of Disc Golfers show up that also made it a point to thank us and to let us know that when they play they too gather as they go, to leave it better than they found it. I love that people take the time to come tell us these things but what I love even more is the personal impact we are having on these peoples lives so that they too follow suit.

Skyler as usual, our hype man getting everyone pumped up before we start

Who wouldn’t want to be out here with us?

Simply beautiful!

Wind up toy anyone?

They see me rollin

HAHA! Those pants were clean for almost a full hour. No big deal for Bonnie, she dives in every time!

This handsome dog was our mascot for the day!