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12/30/17 Post Cleanup Report Scenic Drive Trinidad

Well, that’s a wrap on another year of environmental stewardship for PacOut Green Team! HUGE thanks to all of the AWESOME volunteers and sponsors for all of the support in 2017! We could not do this without that support! THANK YOU! Big shout out to ThaywoodPhotography and Trinidad Coastal Land Trust for sponsoring this event! 

We decided on Scenic Drive in Trinidad for our last cleanup of the year. The team recovered around 300 lb. of trash from the roadsides, turnouts and a couple of illegal camp sites. We also reported an alleged stolen vehicle left at one of the illegal dumps on the far south end of Scenic Drive. Some of the items found included tires, recycle-able cans and bottles, a toilet seat, lots of chip bags and candy wrappers, and even a suitcase containing a glass chemistry  set aka “mobile meth lab”.