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12/30/17 POST CLEANUP Report Ukiah Rail Trail

What a brisk and beautiful morning! I gotta say this was another one of those cleanups where I was nervous about how much we would actually come up with. First off big props to the City of Ukiah for doing such an excellent job maintaining this beautiful new outdoor space. Our focus for the day was the rail part of the trail because no one maintains that. Working the rail we did manage to pull 340 pounds of trash out of this small section.

Here’s the multi-generational crew kicking butt! Mo, Katie and the littles!

On the hunt

Andrea Reed, teaching great values at an early age!

The crew kept leaving all these piles for me to swoop in and bag up. It worked great but man did I do a ton of running back and forth. Until John McCowen swooped in with his truck saving me all the back and forth trips.

The very sad reality of today’s cleanup revealed that in this relatively new trail we found 6 hypodermic needles. This was more than we have ever found at any one cleanup and the scary part is that this is right in the middle of town. This is not a river bar or a hidden encampment this is downtown.

Love is in the air with these die hard Pac Out Green Teamers

I guess they were over that first place trophy?

Mo found a Christmas tree! This was great news for another Pac Out Green Teamer, her goats love to eat them so she got to take it home.