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1/9/18 Post Cleanup Report Eureka Trash Bash

Eureka Trash Bash is a HUGE success, with the largest turnout for a single event since we started, almost 3 years ago! We had 86 people that signed the roster but we believe there were more that didn’t get to the sign in table before the event started. This was a special 90 minute event, focusing on Broadway St. between Bayshore Mall and Wabash St., and the green belt located at the end of Vigo St. Sponsors for the event included PacOut Green Team, Second Sight Tattoo, Eco-Eureka, STIL, Take Back Eureka, Eureka Chamber of Commerce, City of Eureka, Eureka Community Services, LACOGold Rush Coffee, Adorni Community and Recreation Center, Rotary Club of Eureka, and McDonalds of Humboldt. We filled a 20 yard dumpster almost completely full from top to bottom and front to back, with a total weight of 7800 lb.! Most of the trash came from the green belt area, from abandoned illegal camp sites but there was a fair amount collected from other areas as well. Great job everyone! It’s really awesome to see our community come together to help with an ongoing problem! 



7800 lb. of trash collected by around 100 volunteers at the Eureka Trash Bash on 1/16/18