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1/20/18 Post Cleanup Report Samoa Bridges/Samoa Beach Power Poles

Another successful Power Poles/Samoa Bridges Adopt-a Highway cleanup with Lost Coast Rotaract-Eureka sponsoring! We had 18 awesome volunteers show up ready to get down to business cleaning up the roadsides, dunes, beach and parking area. We recovered around 500 lb. of trash, which included a partial bicycle, 1 large pallet, and 13 large trash bags full to overflowing with all sort of fun stuff! 

We would like to give a huge shout out and thank you to Lost Coast Rotaract-Eureka for their continued support of PacOut Green Team! LCRA-Eueka is one of our longest standing “Greenest” sponsors and they just renewed for another year of stewardship in our beautiful area with a generous $500 donation that will go a long way towards keeping PacOut Green Team out there doing what we do best! 

Thanks Lost Coast Rotaract-Eureka for all of your hard work, your commitment to local environmental stewardship and for your support over the last 3 years! We look forward to another year of working with such an amazing group of people!