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POST Collaborated Cleanup with Clean River Alliance

We were invited to join Chris Brokate with Clean River Alliance to tackle a beautiful section of the Russian River at the foot of Camminske Station Road at the South end of Mendocino. This area has become a popular place for illegal dumping but with our like minded groups we were able to handle all of it! Even the camper trailer was dismantled with 2 cordless saws and a dump trailer! It was so great to get the two teams together and share ideas. I love that Clean River Alliance used recycled grain bags from local breweries to haul trash. What a great way to give new life to what would otherwise be thrown out!

Getting started!

New life to old grain bags

Trash over the hillside

and more at the bottom

Just a beautiful view

I see green people

beginning the dismantling

another beautiful view with two hidden Green Teamers

Bonnie leading her pack

Getting close!

A force to be reckoned with!

At one point people thought this was a good idea…

Where’d that camper go?