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3/25/18 Post Cleanup Report South Spit Area w/BLM

What a great morning to be down at the South Spit with PacOut Green Team, BLM, and a huge crew from Coast Seafoods Pacific Shellfish Division! We had 37 volunteers at this special 90 minute event with a focus on recovering shotgun shells and wadding cups leftover from the recent waterfowl hunting season.

Coast Seafoods showed up in full force along with a handful of other volunteers and core PacOut Green Team members. Casey Hague of BLM was there to help out and talk about the BLM’s planning process and how the public can be involved and informed. We found plenty of trash, around 500 lb., including lots of waterfowl hunting litter, a couple of tires and the usual convenience packaging litter. The weather turned out perfect for the event with only a little wind blowing off the bay to deal with. 

Huge shout out to BLM, Coast Seafoods Pacific Shellfish Division, all volunteers and our core group members for coming out to lend a hand!