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4/8/18 Post Cleanup Report Herrick Ave/Elk River Rd

We had a good turn out of 15 awesome volunteers for our Herrick Ave./Elk River Rd. event, sponsored by LACO! We recovered an estimated 400 lb. of trash, including a make shift portable toilet, a shopping cart, bottles, cans, convenience packaging, one syringe and lots and lots of cigarette butts. We had people cleaning around Herrick Ave, Elk River Rd, and even the south end of the Hiksari Trail. 

Thanks to everyone who came out to help, and a huge shout out to LACO for sponsoring and showing up with volunteers! Also, we want to thank Bounce-A-Palooza for their generous donation of gift cards for free bounce time, which we award to our younger volunteers for their help! We hope to see everyone next week for our Hatchery Rd/North Bank Rd event out at Blue Lake!