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4/7/18 POST CLEANUP Lake Mendocino Oak Grove

Well this was another beautiful day at the lake and I am very happy to report that we were only able to bag two bags worth of trash! Yes only two bags and no tires! That doesn’t mean there is nothing to report though. Saturday was a day of what we like to call “Detail Picking” there was unfortunately no shortage of broken beer bottles to clean up.

People often ask how does all this trash happen, where does it start? This is a very easy question to answer. Bad parenting! Which brings me to this weeks disgusting new trend. As clean as the lake was, as well maintained and looked after as it has been recently, what was our number one find of the day? Used diapers! Yes we found nearly 20 diapers scattered about. Who does that? There are trash cans everywhere. A used diaper sitting on the ground is not something you can blame on the kids. But it is a behavior that kids are seeing and learning from adults.

We are making a difference though. A very positive change. A community shift of awareness. Every place we go we find less and less trash, return visits are finding even older trash. This is something that we can all be proud of, even if you can’t attend a cleanup, simply sharing the post is helping to create awareness. Thank you to all who participate in any capacity they can!

What a beautiful place to start!