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4/21/18 POST CLEANUP Report Ukiah Rail Trail

Small turnout but boy did we get it done! 10 people showed up for our Earth Day Cleanup and we gathered 6 tires and 820 pounds of trash! It was a busy morning with many other cleanups happening around town. This was another cleanup Sponsored by 2nd District Supervisor John McCowen and guess who was there helping us (Again) John McCowen himself. I love the dedication he has to our cause, its great to see someone lead by example!

The Starting Line!

Staged for the pickup!

A treasure trove!

See even the cool kids are willing to come help! There isn’t anything better than seeing our next generation out there helping out!

Tires make me crazy!!! $3.75, go dump them yourself, its ONLY $3.75!!!

Expanding our search to the South.

Justin is ALWAYS having a great time no matter the conditions. Thanks Justin!!!

Unused, wasted post office boxes. Grrr…

I love to find the hidden beauty in our cleanups!

The pile grows, right on Gobbi St for everyone to see!


Time to mow the carpet again!

Dukes up!

THANK YOU John McCowen!!!