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5/5/18 Post Cleanup Report Samoa Boat Ramp Area

PacOut Green Team was out at the Humboldt Bay Social Club for a cleanup of the Samoa Boat Ramp area on Saturday, May 5th. The weather was perfect for a peninsula event! 10 volunteers came out to help and recovered over 450 lb. from along the roadsides in the area, including 3 tires, a lot of cans and bottles, and a whole bunch of styrofoam that washed up from the bay. Another 12 tires were recovered from Vance Ave. for a total of 15 tires in all from both locations. After the event Humboldt Bay Social Club provided coffee and opened the bar for those wanting to hang out and socialize after the cleanup. Big thanks to them for sponsoring the event and to all who came out to help! 

Great job everyone! Be sure to join us next week at Bay St. for 60 min. of fun!