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6/17/18 Post Cleanup Report Vance Ave with PETRUSHA LAW

On Saturday 6/16/18, PacOut Green Team, along with volunteers from PETRUSHA LAW, this week’s sponsor, was out at Vance Ave. again to conduct a 60 min. cleanup of the area. Although small in numbers, the crew was able to pack a big punch! Trash items recovered included 2 large truck tires, 2 car tires, a refrigerator, a large tarp, multiple used car parts, a large pile of wood that used to be a  piece of furniture of some kind broken into pieces and the usual convenience packaging, some single-use and some recyclable. We estimate the total weight, 660 lb. of household trash plus 4 tires (100 lb.) and a refrigerator (100 lb.), at around 800 lb. Huge shout out to PETRUSHA LAW for sponsoring and providing volunteers for the event and to Humboldt County for providing the dumpster. Vance Ave. looks 100% better! 

Great job PacOut Green Team and PETRUSHA LAW! 

Be sure to join us next week for the Valley West event!