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7/1/18 Post Cleanup Report Scenic Drive Trinidad

PacOut Green Team joined with Trinidad Coastal Land Trust for a 60 min. cleanup along Scenic Drive in Trinidad on Saturday June 30. There were 12 amazing volunteers ready to clean up Scenic Drive from the north end to the south end. Among the trash found were multiple wooden pallets, 2 tires, lots of styrofoam cups, many pieces of cardboard and a whole lot of cigarette butts. The total weight for the cleanup was 710 lb., not including another load of 12 pallets taken to the dump previously, which added up to another 240 lb., for a grand total of 950 lb. of trash! There was also about 10 lb. of recyclable material that was sorted out of the regular trash and 4 used syringes. 


Thanks to everyone who came out to help! Great job!

Don’t forget about next week’s event at Mad River Beach Park in Arcata!