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7/21/18 Post Cleanup Report Samoa Beach Power Poles

PacOut Green Team was back out at Samoa Beach Power Poles parking area for another 60 min. trash bash on 7/21 with our great friends and long time supporters Lost Coast Rotaract-Eurkeka sponsoring the event. The team of 4 volunteers hit up the roadsides, dunes, beach and parking area with an estimated total of 400 lb. of trash. Items recovered included a truck bumper, a large car jack, a faux leather chair, and the usual single-use plastics, cigarette butts, and some recycle-ables.


Great job everyone and a big shout out to Lost Coast Rotaract-Eureka for their long running support of PacOut Green Team and commitment to community based environmental stewardship!

Next week we’ll be out at the Samoa Bridges Launch Facility so join us for 60 minutes of fun!