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9/1/18 Post Cleanup Report Herrick Ave Park and Ride

PacOut Green Team was out at the Herrick Ave. Park and Ride for another 60 min. cleanup sponsored by Sanders Funeral Home on Saturday, Sept. 1st. This event had 11 awesome volunteers that were able to remove an estimated 300 lb. of trash from the area. The team split up to cover the roadsides, parking area, south end of the Hiksari Trail and an area where there are several large abandoned illegal campsites. The illegal campsites has been a focus point for the last 2 events at this location and will require still more work to get the area completely trash free. PacOut Green Team will keep hitting this location once a month until the mission is complete. 

Great job everyone! Big ups to Sanders Funeral Home for their ongoing support and their commitment to environmental stewardship! 

Next week we’re at Cooper Gulch Park in Eureka!