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10/7/18 Post Cleanup Report Herrick Ave. Park and Ride

PacOut Green Team was back out at the Herrick Ave. Park and Ride on Saturday for another 60 min. cleanup of the area. The event was sponsored by Sanders Funeral Home. The team focused on cleaning up the south end of the Hiksari Trail, the roadsides and parking area. Also, the team worked on some abandoned camps near the old train tracks and trestle  cross the Elk River. This has been an ongoing effort over several events due to the size of the mess and limited time of the events. PacOut Green Team will continue to clean up the camps until the area is completely clean. Items found at this event included used syringes, cigarette butts, bottles, cans, and other commonly littered convenience packaging. The trash in the camps was made of a variety of items such as bike frames, luggage, lots of single use plastic bags, luggage, pvc pipe etc. The total weight is estimated at 500 lb. 

Great job everyone! 

Next week we have a Saturday event at Samoa Beach Bay St. and also a special Sunday event in Orick to cleanup Redwood Creek