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4/8/23 – Post Cleanup Report – Arcata Marsh – I Street – Arcata, CA

And we’re back! Last time we were here was in February. Due the the amount of trash and needles we found and that were still left after out cleanup, we needed to come back soon, so we did! This cleanups had huge community support from the residents and the City of Arcata. Arcata’s Mayor (Sarah Schaefer), Vice Mayor (Meredith Matthews), entire City Council (Stacy Atkins-Salazar, Kimberley White, Alex Stillman), and Arcata’s County Supervisor (Mike Wilson) all showed up for it. We all feel Arcata Marsh is a gem and it needs to be protected and managed.  

This was our second cleanup partnering with DHHS. DHHS provided “Socks for Trash” for the homeless community. Every bag they filled up, they got a free pair of socks. They also provided Hepatitis, Tetanus, and COVID shots for the homeless community and our volunteers. I believe we had a couple volunteers re-up their Tetanus shots for free. 

This was a special 90 minute cleanup. We had som HUGE trash piles we had to pickup during that time. Arcata provided a large dumpster for us and in 90 minutes we filled the dumpster. We filled it so much that we had two huge dudes stomping on the garbage just so we could shut the lid. Due to the large area we brought out the PacOut Green Team side-by-side and trailer. A wonderful volunteer also allowed us to use his truck. 

This was an amazing evert that produced amazing results. We removed around 5,000 to 6,000 lbs pounds of garbage in 90 minutes and 100’s of needles. That’s 55-65 lbs of trash picked up, transported and put into the dumpster every minute! Thank you to everyone that showed up, we couldn’t of done this without you! Cheers!

  • Volunteers: 69
  • Weight: 5500+ lbs (estimated weight) – Lots of litter, 200+ syringes, and more! 
  • Time: 90 minutes
  • Raffle Winners: 7
  • Sponsors: STIL Humboldt, Pacific Outfitters, Los Bagels
  • Cleanup Collaborators: City of Arcata & Humboldt DHHS

Arcata’s Mayor, Vice Mayor, Council and County Supervisor

This week’s raffle winners!

Gift Card for Pacific Outfitters

Gift Card for Pacific Outfitters

Gift Card for Los Bagels

Gift Card for Six Rivers Brewery

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