Pacout Green Team / Post Cleanup Reports  / 5/27/2023 – Arcata, CA – Giuntoli Shopping Center

5/27/2023 – Arcata, CA – Giuntoli Shopping Center

Cleanup Details: This cleanup we set up in the shopping center but focused around the shopping center (streets, greenbelts, etc.). We had a solid crew from Coast Central Credit Union show up to help us, thank you! We ended up filling up the back of our truck, however most of the garbage we found we couldn’t get to due to live homeless camps. There is a greenbelt that is next to Laurel Tree Charter School, a school mind you, and Day’s Inn, behind Mad River Rehab. That is where all the pictures of homeless camps and litter came from. The section of the greenbelt is owned by three different private property owners (property owner info is publicly available). We need to address this area. There is no fence or boarder separating these camps from little kids at Laurel Tree Charter School, and it’s right next door to it. This is a safety concern for that school. DHHS was there and they gave out two Tetanus shots to the homeless community in exchange for new socks. “Socks for Shots” is the campaign we were doing in partnership with DHHS. 

  • Volunteers: 46
  • Weight: 650 lbs (estimated weight) – Lots litter, pallets, homeless trash, cigarette butts, tires, 6 needles, and more! 
  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Raffle Winners: 2
  • Sponsors: Los Bagels

Arcata Council Member Kimberley White

This week’s raffle winners!

Gift Card from Los Bagels

Gift Card from Los Bagels

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