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8/5/23 – Post Cleanup Report – Eureka Trash Bash – Eureka Waterfront Trail – Walmart Parking Lot

A Successful Cleanup Day with the Help of Volunteers and the Homeless Community

We had a wonderful turnout of enthusiastic volunteers for our 90 Minute Trash Bash. Even Eureka’s Mayor, Kim Bergal, joined in as she does every Eureka Trash Bash. This area was home to numerous homeless camps, but we were able to work with the occupants to tidy up their living spaces by getting rid of unwanted items. The homeless community was extremely grateful for our efforts and even joined in to help clean up the Eureka Waterfront Trail. For every bag of trash they filled, they were rewarded with a free pair of socks – we ended up giving out approximately 20 pairs. It was a heartwarming experience to see the positive impact of our collaboration with the homeless community, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to maintain the waterfront trail together.

We had lots of “first timer” PacOut Green Team volunteers. That was great to see. Thank you Eco Eureka for organizing the dumpster  and Co-Hosting this cleanup. Thank you Los Bagel’s for providing bagels and cream cheese for the volunteers. Thank you STIL Humboldt for bringing all the prizes for the volunteers. STIL Humboldt makes sure everyone leaves with a prize during the Eureka Trash Bash cleanups, and they are always out there keeping our beautiful spaces free of liter. 

Support the people, organizations and businesses that protect our beautiful open spaces!

Cleanup Details:  

  • Volunteers: 36 people and 4 dogs
  • Raffle Prizes: Lots of great prizes from STIL Humboldt and a Los Bagels Gift Card
  • Weight: 2500+ lbs trash
  • Time: 90 Minute Trash Bash

Fun crowd today!

Raffle Winners

Everyone's a winner thanks to the gifts from STIL Humboldt

Cleanup Collaborators