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9/23/23 – Post Cleanup Report – HWY 255 – Adopt A Highway

Cleanup Recap:

Thank you to all the volunteers who contributed to our Adopt-A-Highway cleanup initiative. The turnout was fantastic, and the section of the highway we focused on is critical in preventing litter from polluting the bay and ocean. We selected this area as it is a hot spot for garbage accumulation between the three bridges.

As a token of appreciation, we gave out different patches and vests, including a 10 cleanup patch, a 25 cleanup patch, a 100 cleanup patch, and four PacOut Green Team “Hall of Fame” patches for those who participated in over 150 cleanups.

Special thanks to the Fortuna High Creeks Club teachers and students, whose presence and assistance were critical to the success of the initiative. Once again, we thank all volunteers for their contributions in keeping these areas free from litter.

  • Volunteers: 22
  • Weight: 350 lbs (estimated weight) – lots of cigarette butts, little liquor bottles, fast food wrappers, and more! 
  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Raffle Winners: 2
  • Sponsors: Los Bagels & Pacific Outfitters

Raffle Winner: Los Bagels Gift Card

Raffle Winner: Pacific Outfitters Gift Card

Cleanup Location: