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10/14/23 – Post Cleanup Report – North Town – Arcata

10/14/23 Post Cleanup Report: An Unusual Day in Arcata

October 14th’s cleanup in Arcata was quite remarkable due to the Solar Eclipse that occurred right in the middle of our efforts. The unique phenomenon created a sunny yet hazy effect that made the cleanup feel special. We have some good news to share regarding the state of the Northtown Arcata area. Our team noticed a significant decline in litter and live camps in that part of town. Moreover, the motel across from our cleanup site was shut down and under renovation. We can’t help but wonder if the closure of the motel contributed to the reduction of waste and live camps around it. We hope that the motel will be renovated and become an asset to the community, rather than a liability for the businesses and residents of that area. One of our volunteers had an unexpected encounter with a preying mantis, which latched onto his arm at the beginning of the cleanup and stayed with him throughout the event. Another volunteer, Alissa, received a “Golden Picker” award for completing 100 Cleanups with the PacOut Green Team. Our volunteers did an excellent job, and we appreciate the City of Arcata for collecting our trash.

  • Volunteers: 24
  • Weight: 300 lbs (estimated weight) – Lots of little litter, cigarette butts, and more! 
  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Raffle Winners: 3
  • Sponsors: STIL Humboldt

This week’s raffle winners!

Chocolate from STIL Humboldt

Glass guitar necklace from STIL Humboldt

Gift Card from Jitter Bean

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