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11/4/23 – Post Cleanup Report – Herrick Park N Ride – Eureka Waterfront Trail

A Successful Cleanup Day at Eureka Waterfront Trail

Despite the threat of rain, our team of volunteers were able to complete a 60-minute cleanup around the Herrick on and off ramps. Another group of volunteers were sent to clean up an abandoned homeless camp, which was confirmed to be vacated by the homeless community. The South entrance of the Eureka Waterfront Trail was left spotless, with the help of our PacOut Green Team UTV that collected a significant amount of garbage. However, we experienced a minor distraction when a couple of waterfowl hunters were spotted hunting less than 100 yards from the trail. Upon investigation, it was discovered that they were hunting on City of Eureka property and too close to the trail. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife asked them to leave the area. Overall, it was a great morning with an amazing group of people. We were able to fill half of our large dumpster and make a positive impact on our community.

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Cleanup Details:  

  • Volunteers: 27 people and 3 dogs
  • Raffle Winners: 2
  • Weight: 1700+ lbs trash
  • Time: 60 Minute Trash Bash
  • Sponsors: Frankies Bagels & Six Rivers Brewery

Raffle Winners

Frankie's Bagels Gift Card

Six Rivers Brewery Gift Card