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1/6/24 – Post Cleanup Report – HWY 255 – Adopt A Highway

A Successful Cleanup Despite Adverse Weather Conditions

Despite the rain hitting before and towards the end of our cleanup, we managed to fill up a truck bed’s worth of trash. The area between the bridges was especially littered, and the heavy winds made it challenging to collect debris. Nonetheless, we were able to gather an impressive 640 lbs of trash in just 60 minutes of wet conditions. A special shoutout to our volunteer, Alex, who earned his 10th cleanup patch and vest today – outstanding work, Alex! Thank you to all our other “die hard” volunteers that showed up during this wet cleanup event!

  • Volunteers: 14
  • Weight: 640 lbs (estimated weight) – lots of cigarette butts, little liquor bottles, fast food wrappers, exercise bike, cooler and more! 
  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Raffle Winners: 2
  • Sponsors: Frankie’s Bagels and STIL Humboldt

Raffle Winners

Bath bomb from STIL Humboldt

Frankie's Bagels Gift Card

Cleanup Location: