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2/3/24 – Post Cleanup Report – Eureka Trash Bash – Eureka Waterfront Trail

Successful Cleanup Effort at Eureka Waterfront Trail with Record-Breaking Results!

Our recent collaborative effort to remove wet garbage from the Eureka Waterfront Trail was a huge success! We are very grateful for the help of our amazing volunteers, including our usual cleanup collaborators (City of Eureka, Eco Eureka, STIL Humboldt) and the CCC who lent us a hand. This time around, we managed to pick up an impressive 8,300 lbs of garbage, setting a new weight record for our Eureka Trash Bash. To put it in perspective, that’s 126 lbs per person or 93 lbs per minute. All of our volunteers were Rockstars, dedicated to keeping Eureka beautiful. By the end of the cleanup, our 40 yard dumpster was packed to the brim. It was an incredible event with amazing results!

Support the people, organizations and businesses that protect our beautiful open spaces!

Cleanup Details:  

  • Volunteers: 65 people and 2 dogs
  • Raffle Prizes: Lots of great prizes from STIL Humboldt and a Los Bagels Gift Card
  • Weight: 8300+ lbs trash
  • Time: 90 Minute Trash Bash

Everyone worked their butts off for 90 minutes!

Raffle Winners

Everyone's a winner thanks to the gifts from STIL Humboldt

Cleanup Collaborators